Dr. Seth Nelson


Seth Nelson, D.C.Hello. my name is Dr. Seth Nelson, I am a chiropractic physician and I love it! I am a self proclaimed nerd, I truly enjoy learning about natural approaches to health and setting ourselves up for a vital active life. I spend a great deal of time on continuing my education with a focus on nutrition, rehabilitation and even chiropractic care for animals. I have been married for 12 years and have a 4 year old son. We enjoy outside activities like gardening and fishing, playing with dinosaurs and light sabers. In our clinic we take the big picture view towards your health care. Trying to find all the little things that lead to a big change is important to us. My mission is to create phenomenal change in the health of the people in our community.


Becky is the weight loss coach at Rising Sun Chiropractic

Becky joined Rising Sun Chiropractic in February 2020 as our Weight Loss Program Manager. She has a background in the medical field and is driven by her passion to help others. Her smile is infectious and her ability to connect with everyone she meets is truly unique. When Becky is not coaching patients she enjoys time with her blended family of seven, camping, boating, and crafting (which gave her the nickname Builder Becky).