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What allows some people to achieve incredible levels of success in weight loss while others flop, flounder, fizzle and fail? Question: What is the “secret” to success in weight loss? Is it simply having a plan? Is it having the right mental attitude? Is it science? Is it having the right accountability partner or team?

Answer: It’s all of these things … and more! If you are looking for the “magic bullet” you will be searching your entire life. Specializing and fully focusing on weight loss has allowed our team to distinguish some key ingredients of those who succeed in weight loss and control. In a nutshell, here they are:

  • They are diligent in their understanding of metabolism. Know the factors that squelch it. Be aware of which of those you may have. Know foods and actions that can bump it up.
  • They adopt a very strategic plan that very clearly lays out for them a way to “jump start” their metabolism.
  • They get in the habit of planning ahead and prepping you meals. When we eat “on the run” or reactive we typically don’t eat real smart – or congruent for metabolism shifts. Like any habit formation, this takes some time and effort but is doable!
  • They incorporate science. Things like genetic testing enable them to get off the diet roller coaster and get on the ride called lifestyle change.
  • They don’t make the journey alone. Team work, accountability and support are huge in the battle of weight reduction and control.
  • They stop dieting and start living! Once they get some momentum and are empowered with some science based information and a committed and educated support team these weight loss champs come alive and besides looking different, they think, act, play and live in a whole new way!

These are just a few of the many distinctions we have made that you may apply to increase the probability of your success. Don’t be one dimensional in your approach to success in this tricky and frustrating challenge. There is no “it”. Rather, there are many pieces of the puzzle that must be properly fit together. The systems of success have been created, applied and celebrated thousands of times. Learn more about that system here

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