Weight Loss “Secret IN-gredient” #4 IN-volvement!

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Let’s continue with our short blog series touching on special “IN-gredients” that we observe over and over contributing to our clients’ weight loss success. These factors will help create the ideal “recipe” for YOUR weight loss and weight management success, too. We call them “IN-gredients” because the first two letters of each word we are sharing about begin with “I-N”. So far, we have hit on:


In this message we are going to touch on IN-VOLVEMENT. There is an interesting difference among clients. Many people who desire successful and lasting weight management tend to focus only on what they can “get out” of a program. It’s certainly an understandable way of thinking. Obviously, you want to be a part of a program that delivers awesome value. We always work hard to create and provide that and will touch on that aspect in a moment.

First, though, we like to point out to our clients that weight loss is a TEAM sport in our center. It is an action-oriented journey. It is a learning process. It is work. You must build a “new set of muscles” when it comes to how you think, plan, act, communicate, respond and make decisions. It requires one to step back and ASK a different set of questions.

We encourage you to think and talk to yourself in a fresh new way. Rather than ONLY asking “What can I “GET” out of a program?”, we suggest you shift to start asking things like:

  • What could I BRING to the table?
  • What am I willing to GIVE to make my weight loss journey successful?
  • What will I INVEST as far as learning, trying and committing?
  • How engaged or INVOLVED will I truly get with this process?

Perhaps in the past (or even now!) you have taken these thoughts for granted. But, until you make some very conscious consideration of these type of questions, you may be missing a key ingredient for successful and lasting weight loss.

So, we highly suggest YOU get fully involved in your weight loss process. You really can’t go half in and expect a full or ideal result for your weight and wellness. When a client gets fully engaged (involved) and we simultaneously get involved in their efforts it’s simply amazing what can happen!

Most weight loss clients we work with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like …

  • “I know what I ‘SHOULD’ do. I just really need help.”
  • “I feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there.”
  • “Someone needs to hold me accountable.”
  • “My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight.”

These and similar phrases are very common - and are shared with us daily. It is important for weight loss clients to realize THEY ARE NOT ALONE! That need for direction, oversight, accountability and a personalized, sensitive support system is very common. It just is what it is!

That’s why our program is specifically structured to fill this need. Focused involvement by the Doctor and close accountability by our awesome team is indeed a key piece of the puzzle.

In fact, we implement daily text communication in the beginning and most challenging phases with our weight loss clients. We intentionally take the opposite approach of many other programs which may only have clients check in to start then clients are completely on their own.

In some other programs, people are even told to not check their weight for a couple weeks until they return to the office again. “Pay no attention to the scale” they say. As a result, weight loss clients have NO idea what’s happening with their body. They may go days with questions and needs not being addressed. We disagree with this approach! You (and those helping you) must be mutually INVOLVED and tuned in right from the start!

So, we actually insist that new clients share their weight, how they feel and what they may be struggling with. There are usually solutions if addressed right away! Questions they may have are covered in real time – right when they need it; not weeks later. “Weigh daily – Text daily” is our motto for the first phase.

That INVOLVEMENT through close text communication and consistent face-to-face visits in our center gets less frequent as clients successfully proceed on their weight loss journey. But it does carry on for the duration of their individual program.

This support model with a high level of involvement by you and our staff creates TEAMWORK. What we are encouraging you to do is FULLY ENGAGE. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ENGAGE this way: to participate or become involved in. It is our goal for clients to never “go it alone”. They should never feel alone. They LOVE that! And they succeed with this mutual involvement WAY more often than most any other weight loss program … and certainly more so than when nobody is involved with them. Let’s admit it: weight loss is difficult when tried alone!

To wrap up: Get totally involved. Be fully engaged. Let others who care and are committed to your success be involved in your journey. That’s what WE do!

Click. Call. Or just come in!

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