Weight Loss and The -ATION

Stevie Wonder wrote a song called Pastime Paradise and it inspired one of our own to write this article and how weight loss is all about the “-ATION”.

Many people are not sure if they can really make the changes that need to be made to finally lose unwanted pounds and they spend a lot of time in contemplation! They often feel like they are on an island and don’t have the support they need. It feels like isolation.

People frequently feel like they are a victim of exploitation from food advertisers that trick them into thinking something is “healthy” and good for them. What often happens is there is an event (a sickness or a death) in their life or with someone close to them and it sparks a revelation ... a creation of a thought that says... “it’s time for me to change the way I live!”

Then they discuss it with their family and their doctor and they get the confirmation that it is indeed time for a change. Ok….it’s time for a proclamation and why did it take so long to have this revelation?

Yes…there will be a period of acclimation as their habits change and their body detoxifies from the ‘past’.  When our clients start on our doctor supervised program they get daily inspiration, motivation and they will make the proclamation that these lifestyle changes are going to be made for a LIFETIME!

Join the “-ATION” Nation! Stay tuned for future blogs!

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