The CAUSE of Over 50% of All Deaths in America

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What Weight Loss in America SHOULD really be about.

It’s NO secret to anyone that America is getting fatter…and that it’s destroying our well-being. We try hard to emphasize that shedding pounds to reach and maintain a healthy weight is about more than merely how we LOOK. It’s bigger than just “getting into your skinny Jeans”.

SCIENCE makes it crystal clear that we have an EPIDEMIC of ill-health on our hands, and it has TONS to do with our diet, our lifestyle … and our weight!

A Medical News Today written by Hannah Nichols and medically reviewed by Vincent J. Travella, MPH on July 4, 2019 cites the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the leading causes of death in the United States. (1) Here is what those statistics show:

Cause/Condition % of total deaths
Heart Disease 23.5%
Cancer 21.3%
Stroke 5.2%
Diabetes 3%
Total 53%

Please take note: Over 50% of all deaths are from OBESITY RELATED chronic diseases! Yep! Diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer … ALL THOSE BIG SCAREY CONDITIONS WE FEAR ARE RELATED TO OBESITY!

Did you notice that second condition? It’s “the C word”! CANCER! Almost everyone understands the link between obesity with things like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and such conditions. However, MOST don’t realize the connection between cancer and obesity.

Cancer is often thought to be an un-lucky break. If we are not tuned into some clear causative factors, it may seem like a “puzzle” as to WHY it happens to some and not others. Yet, the American Cancer Society itself stresses that a significant number of cancer cases are also related to obesity.

Right on their own website is an article that addresses the question: “Does body weight affect cancer risk?”. In that article it states:

“Being overweight or obese is clearly linked to an overall increased risk of cancer. According to research from the American Cancer Society, excess body weight is thought to be responsible for about 8% of all cancers in the United States, as well as about 7% of all cancer deaths”. (2)

Looking further, the American Cancer Society’s “Facts and Figures 2020” states:

“Almost 1 in 5 cancers is caused by excess body fat, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle”. (3)

A December 27, 2018 article on the American Cancer Society website entitled “Proportion of Cancers Associated with Excess Body Weight Varies Considerably by State” states that excess body weight is an established cause of cancer, currently known to be linked to 13 cancers. (4)

The bottom line is that the “Americanized” lifestyle and obesity are THE leading causes of these very concerning conditions. And yet … despite SCIENCE pointing these things out, the trends continue to go the wrong way.

72 % of adults (nearly 3 of 4) are now overweight AND the epidemic is starting VERY young. 40% of kids in America are overweight. Acceptance of our bodies is ONE thing, but the trend of continuing to lessen the quality of our lives and reduce the number of years we live must be changed.

THIS is WHY we do what we do. THIS is what it’s all about!

Maybe you are like so many other people out there … confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated when it comes to conquering the fat loss feud. The struggle is real, but there are SCIENCE based strategies that CAN help you.

Let’s pay attention to the STATS and SCIENCE. Let’s use it to make progress in your weight loss and wellness efforts. Your life depends on it … Literally!

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