Science-Based Secret #4

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There’s more to it than just “eating less”

Starvation diets do not work. Period. SCIENCE has shown again and again that merely cutting the amount of food is not necessarily the answer.

Throwing the body into a “starvation mode” actually results in the body holding fat. In essence the body senses a problem or a threat and prepares for survival over the long haul. When this happens you actually HOLD fat – not burn fat. SCIENCE demonstrates this!

A healthy weight loss program combines food strategically. It involves things like low glycemic foods and low inflammatory foods in order to effectively fuel the body and allow for a healthy and effective fat burning metabolism. There is A LOT of science behind this.

We realize this “strategic eating” concept is overwhelming or unclear for many. They feel confused, unsure and (back to the word we’ve used before) “ignorant” about it all. They just don’t know. They are unaware.

However, if a simple and well organized set of lists and guidelines can simply be followed, most folks can do quite well with this approach to weight loss. ESPECIALLY when that strategic eating is coupled with high accountability and the next scientific based secret to be shared in our next blog!

We keep it simple for you! And we invite you to CALL TODAY for an appointment or to speak with one of our helpful team members to learn more!

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