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Part 1 of 5

Frustration #1: Choosing the RIGHT Strategy

Maybe the most frustrating thing about wanting to lose weight is just making the selection of HOW you’re going to do it! Americans are bombarded with ads, fads and super pills that promise to be THE solution. We know that it’s absolutely overwhelming at times!

Maybe you’re even thinking that about The Lifetime Metabolic Program which we share about in this blog! In your head you may be thinking “Here we go again!” If so, we totally understand. Over the years we, too, have been bombarded with what everyone else thought all of our patients needed. But, we never found a true solution until being introduced to this program. We’ll get to why this is in just a minute!

The point with this frustration is that there are so darn many potions, prescriptions and programs out there that the typical person usually does one of two things:

  1. They Dabble. Most people get in the mode of trying this for a while, then that for a while. They go down a few pounds … then back up … and maybe even add a few more. They try out every bar, drink every shake, pop every magic pill and follow every fad. That’s dabbling.
  2. They Do Nothing. It’s virtually impossible for some folks to overcome the over whelm of all the approaches, myths and methods out there. They suffer the proverbial PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS. They are stuck standing still … and meanwhile the weight continues to creep up and up.

Nobody wants to resort to risky prescriptions or injections to lose weight. In this day and age, it’s safe to say we all realize that virtually every drug brings with it significant and scary side effect possibilities. Just read the small print in an ad or listen to ANY drug commercial and pay attention to the announcer. He or she will say a whole bunch of crazy and quite serious sounding conditions that “could” result from that drug.

In most cases, that approach just does not sound like a healthy way to move toward a desired weight. We realize that for many it may be frustrating that it’s just not as easy as taking a pill and being done with weight loss. Oh, you can take them. You might even lose a little of weight, but then what happens when those pills are gone? You can’t live on them! That’s a whole other frustration we will address later, but the bottom line is this: You don’t change your lifestyle by popping a pill.

So, what’s THE SOLUTION to choosing? How do you sort through the hundreds of supposed magic formulas of weight loss? The answer is actually quite simple.

In order for a fat loss program to be ultra-successful for YOU, it must be SPECIFIC TO YOU. Well, what is it within you that is special ONLY to you? You guessed it ... Your DNA!

Your genetics define you. Nobody else has the same DNA. Most of us have heard that or learned that at some point in a science or biology course! But what most people are yet to learn – including most of those FRUSTRATED with their failure to effectively shed fat is this: Your genetics can provide vital information about:

  • The way YOU process proteins, fats and carbohydrates …
  • The PORTIONS of different types of food YOU should have.

Just like our genetics make us all different on the outside … we are all different inside too. We all process and assimilate foods differently. There is now very cost effective and affordable testing available that lines this information out in very user friendly reports to provide a detailed and individualized SOLUTION for those frustrated with deciphering what is THE best program for them.

Genetic testing can also tell you about the ideal type of FITNESS your body would respond best to … what intensity and amount do YOU need for weight management? It may not be the same as your exercise partners or your skinny friend’s at work. In fact, it’s probably not! This is the underlying frustration for many about trying to “exercise their way to skinny”!

Genetic testing can also tell you about BEHAVIORS related to eating, metabolism and weight control like hunger signaling, feeling full or satisfied, taste preferences, cravings, mood & food selection and more.

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE: unless a fat loss program involves THE factor that is special to YOU (that being your DNA) then it’s a “crap shoot” as to whether or not it will jive with your body – especially long term. So, today we encourage you to conquer the frustration of choosing. Quit dabbling. Don’t struggle with “paralysis by analysis” any longer. Include a cost effective form of DNA testing for YOUR SOLUTION.

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