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Part 5 of 5

In the past month, we have hit four of the TOP frustrations our clients routinely share that they have experienced before coming to The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Here are the first four:

If you haven’t read them all, please do it! And, while we know there are many more for sure, here’s #5:

Frustration #5: Keeping the FAT off!

We tend to believe that THIS would actually be THE #1 frustration associated with weight loss. People work and work. They go through the frustrations and challenges. They feel like poo for a number of weeks or months. And they invest hard earned money into that effort. They make good progress … and then … ever so slowly … that darn fat starts creeping back on. Ugh!

The only thing that could possibly be more frustrating than that, of course, is doing that multiple times. This scenario is so common that it has earned a name … and name that actually appears in medical dictionaries. Here it is in the Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary …

Medical Dictionary

yo–yo dieting

Medical Definition of yo–yo dieting:  the practice of repeatedly losing weight by dieting and subsequently regaining it

Another name used for this is WEIGHT CYCLING.

Believe us when we say there is PLENTY out there in the literature about YO-YO dieting being un-healthy for you. Seriously, jumping on that roller-coaster of going up and down is probably more harmful than had you never even got in line for such a ride.

There a number of risks and challenging including:

  • An increased risk of heart disease due to a raise in the hormone called Cortisol during such dieting. Some claim a rise in LDLD or “bad” cholesterol may occur.
  • Also, a risk in the risk of cancer, stroke and diabetes
  • Not to mention the fact you some Yo-Yo dieters progressively gain back more and more with each cycle simply due to the embarrassment and stress involved with weight gain. This often causes binging and radical swings.

No matter what the risks, the point is this: Yo-Yo dieting sets up a viscous cycle of emotional stress, physical stress and … further frustration! You need a solution for this once and for all.

A short coming with MOST weight loss plans … most DIEts (and we capitalize those 3 letters on purpose!) is that once you lose some weight, you are done with the program. You are finished! Like you never have to do anything special now. You are at a cross roads not quite knowing where to go from there.

Unfortunately, what happens to many people is they do what we call “GOING NATIVE” meaning they go right back to their old ways. Right back to what they were doing before. Well, you probably heard the phrase:

“Keep doing what you’re doing and you will keep getting what you’re getting!”

Maybe you’re like most others battling weight issues. People don’t just need weight LOSS. They need weight CONTROL … and they need it for a LIFETIME. They need to be able to take back control for the rest of their lives. Well how does that happen?

First, a few things go hand in hand with solutions to other frustrations already addressed in this short blog series. A program cannot be TOO brief. There needs to be some structured and ongoing support. You can NOT change your lifestyle in 40 days. But you can over the course of a 6-12 months like the strategic and exclusive 4 Phase program we implement.

There has to be a period of education for you and, perhaps most importantly, a period for your body, your physiology and your metabolism to establish a new “SET POINT”.

Maybe you’ve heard this term. It’s simply that weight that your body likes to hang out at. Once you have an initial metabolic jump start and lose some good weight quickly (See Frustration #3) you then need to settle into a sustainable and realistic pattern… one that is specific to YOU!

Yep, here we come right back to the solution to Frustration #1. The Genetic Testing and Report.

To keep the weight off, you have got to be able to eat REAL FOOD. You cannot live on protein bars, shakes or boxed food for the rest of your life! Nobody wants to have to buy pre-packaged food for life. You can’t live out of a blender or box for sustained weight loss! You can NOT always be on a DIEt (and yes, we capitalized those 3 letters on purpose … again!).


What type and what proportions of REAL FOOD you can buy at the STORE do YOU need to stay at a healthy weight? That’s what people want to know. That is what DNA testing can tell us.

Oh sure … even when you DO know that information you will have times that are a bit more of a challenge. You go on vacation, you’re GOING to cheat a little – but IF you have a personalized DNA report it essentially serves as YOUR “True North” regarding the way you should eat for your genetic design. You are WAY more likely to get and stay on track LONG TERM (for LIFE!) if/when you have this information!

YES, at some point you are going to have to include some CONSISTENT exercise to sustain muscle mass and fire that metabolic engine up for the long haul. Studies demonstrating the metabolic boost of sensible and consistent physical fitness are all over the place. You know this. It’s no “news flash”. But, what’s the proper intensity and duration for you based on your genetics and your muscle fiber type? That is another thing the DNA testing can tell us!

“Set Points” are difficult to change – but not impossible. Combine some ongoing support and education to gain consistency with real food in the proper proportions for YOU and the proper fitness for YOU and you CAN overcome Frustration #5 … you CAN keep the weight off.

So … there you have it. Real Solutions to the Top 5 Frustrations of Losing Fat. We realize we have probably hit some “hot buttons” as we covered these frustrations. Maybe YOU have struggled with one or more of them? Our sincere hope is that you have been educated some; inspired and made to realize that for every Fat Loss Frustration you have there really IS a solution.

It’s not always easy. But when you combine proven strategies and unparalleled support overseen by a doctor with a scientific DNA driven program designed not just for a weight change but a focused lifestyle change THEN we believe all those frustrations can … and will be successfully squashed.

Thank you for reading this 5 part series. Please share it. Please keep reading our blog. And, of course, if you’re ready to learn more about our program take action! Call us today OR click to make an appointment!

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