Peaks and Valleys

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The journey of weight loss seems to rarely be a straight line down. In fact, after observing and coaching as many people as we have the more common path reminds us of a popular image portraying the reality of “success”. Maybe you have seen this before …

Of course, as it relates to weight loss, it would be more accurate to view those arrows going DOWN rather than up! But, the point is still the same: the journey to your goal is not always a straight line down. In fact, it is rarely is!

We are often asked about books we recommend which may provide perspective and encouragement for our clients. Spencer Johnson, M.D. is the author of numerous books that have proven useful to many people in business and life in general. They are simple, practical and quick reads – the kind you can knock out over a weekend. Many business executives have benefitted from his classic book on people management called The One Minute Manager. Another pf his popular writings is his book on change with the creative and catchy title Who Moved My Cheese.

As it relates to weight loss (and life overall) his book Peaks and Valleys really nails some excellent lessons we can all apply and benefit from. Below are some quotes and gems from this book of Johnson’s that we suggest you bear in mind as you pursue your weight loss goals … or just live life!

  • It is natural for everyone everywhere to have Peaks and Valleys at work and in life.
  • Personal Peaks and Valleys are as natural as the physical peaks and valleys you see on the earth’s surface. Both kinds of highs and lows are scattered and connected in similar ways.
  • The key is to separate what happens TO you from how valuable you feel as a person.
  • Peaks and Valleys are connected. The errors you make in today’s good times create tomorrow’s bad times and the wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times.
  • Peaks are moments when you appreciate what you have. Valleys are moments when you long for what’s missing.
  • To change a Valley into a Peak, you need to change one of two things: what is happening OR how you FEEL about what is happening.
  • The path out of the Valley appears when you choose to SEE things differently.
  • Between Peaks there are always Valleys. How you manage your Valley determines how soon you reach your next Peak.
  • The secret is to TRULY appreciate and enjoy each time (Peak or Valley) for what it is while you are living it.

Hopefully, from just these few tidbits of wisdom you are inclined to pick up Johnson’s book. Simple statements and truths like these shed perspective and force us to ask meaningful and useful questions. It’s critical that we lift our heads and SEE life (or a journey doing something like weight loss) with a healthy and realistic perspective. Always know what’s going on and accept the typical reality of such a journey.

Of course, we know that the up, down and all-round path that weight loss commonly takes can be challenging and frustrating. It’s why we do what we do! Most people benefit from the guidance, accountability and support that our team provides. After all, taking a journey like the REAL one in the drawing above (the one on the right) is always better with others along.

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