Part 2 About Type 2

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In our last blog we shared some Type 2 Diabetes stats and figures from an article from Remember how these numbers and facts seem so crazy and out of control? How could something so preventable be so common?

The problem is that most people just don’t understand the physiology of how fat (especially belly fat) causes this common condition to happen in the first place.

We recently came across this little video that very simply explains WHY belly fat creates the effect it does … and leads to Type 2 Diabetes in many cases. Be sure to know this is very basic. Most people aren't ready for or in need of an in-depth scientific explanation. They need the basics! If this is you, then here it is!

Before you watch the video, here is the TRUTH: You may be able to prevent or even reverse Type 2 Diabetes by learning and TAKING ACTION. Many people have done exactly that in clinics using The Lifetime Metabolic Program.

Call today and schedule a “Qualification Visit” to allow the doctor to determine IF the Lifetime Metabolic Program may be a good clinical fit for you. We look forward to possibly helping you win over this common and serious condition!

Check the video out:

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