Overcome the Overwhelm of Weight Loss

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One of the most common things we hear clients say is “There is just SO much information out there about fat loss that I didn’t even know where to start!”

Have YOU ever said that? Well, if so, just know you’re not alone. BUT, don’t stop there. Let’s consider this issue. The problem with this whole “overwhelm” thing is two-fold.

First, it is TRUE! There is information over-load out there about THE best way to lose weight, burn fat, shed pounds, etc. etc. Etc.

Secondly, there is so much information and so many strategies it seems that it often causes paralysis in people! Ever heard of “paralysis by analysis”?

In other words, people read so many different things from so many supposed experts that they don’t know WHAT to do … so they do NOTHING! Or, perhaps they do TRY something but don’t see the result the dude writing the article saw – so they give up.

Well, we’ve got some suggestions for you on this whole over-whelm thing that should help you overcome it in your world! Keep these words in mind ….

  1. Simplicity – don’t get bogged down with programs full of fluff. Don’t order something that sends you a box full of manuals, recorded seminars and “special gifts” promising to share “secrets of success” – or worse will immediately up sell you add-on services, subscriptions and products … so many that you know you will never likely use them all! Always remember the “K.I.S.S. Principle” (Keep It Super Simple).
  2. Success Stories – seeing is believing! So, we routinely share proof, evidence and success stories right from our clients. It’s THE best way to see if a program is working for numerous people of different ages, gender, sizes and lifestyles. See ours on our webpage or facebook page!
  3. Support – hardly anybody can make the journey of significant and lasting weight loss alone. If it was easy, everyone would do it! The bottom line is that carefully structured support by an experienced, caring and committed team proves essential in most people’s success. From daily texting to routine visits and computerized testing for objective feedback… the Lifetime Metabolic support system rocks! We will put ours up against anybody’s out there! It’s all one-on-one. No group stuff. Let yourself be helped, held accountable, coached or whatever it is you need!
  4. System – We love it when we hear someone say “Just tell me what to do and help me stay on track and I’ll do it!” Most people want and need something that is easy to follow. Maybe not always easy to DO … we get that! But, a system and process that is very clear and well laid out is a key to success for most people!
  5. Science. In this day and age, it’s obvious that we all must realize and admit that there is NO “one size fits all” when it comes to metabolism, weight loss, fitness or even health maintenance overall for that matter. We are all unique and must tap in to any science, testing and/or tools that enable us to ideally overcome, conquer and thrive in spite of any individual challenges. Quite simply that is why we routinely use DNA testing to assess and create unique plans for clients. Inside scoop like a custom DNA report hedges our/your chances for success – especially long term!

So, if your contemplating an approach to weight loss … if your frustrated or overdue for a change … think about these 5 words. Allow them to guide you to a good realistic and effective solution. Don’t get paralyzed by all the “stuff” out there to the degree that you do nothing! That is certainly NOT the answer! We are sensitive to the common overwhelm and we will help you overcome it! Call us today!

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