Love Yourself ALL Through The Process!

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We speak often about the importance of our clients having a clear and strong “WHY” as they begin their weight loss journey. We’ve blogged about it even recently (see two weeks ago “Get back on the Mountain”). Along with a clear WHY is the benefit of having a clear goal. But, there is another important aspect of all this to be touched on.

We WANT our clients to set a GOAL. We want to assure it is a healthy and realistic goal – which we do by using our computerized Body Composition Analysis technology. Then, as needed, we want to chunk that goal down into smaller and motivating steps along the way. We want to be measuring and CELEBRATING progress. We want this focus because an interesting thing often happens in the mind of a person battling their weight.

First of all, many people are understandably frustrated with where they have ended up. They may not like how they look. Some are downright disgusted with themselves. This can be a very emotional thing. We see it frequently as we do initial visits with people considering the program.

Others may be sacred about serious health challenges that have resulted. People are very often embarrassed about their situation. They avoid doing certain things – like going to the gym, socializing and more. Many dress in ways designed to “hide” parts of their body.

Sadly, some people have grown to not even like themselves in their current state. So, for lots of folks, it is difficult for them to be “happy” … or be pleased with themselves … or to once again like who they are until that goal is reached. Again, we strongly emphasize that we do not think this is the most healthy and effective way to go about the weight loss process. With that in mind, here is our bottom line philosophy:

Don’t wait for a “Happy Ever After”! We want you to enjoy a Happy Ever NOW!

What do we mean by this?

It’s real simple:

  • When you make a DECISION to make a change, celebrate that!
  • When you START a sensible and proven program of healthy weight loss, celebrate that!
  • Celebrate every POUND lost!
  • Celebrate every INCH lost!
  • Celebrate every DAY you eat on plan!
  • Celebrate EVERY good little decision made every time you eat!
  • Celebrate every “BATTLE”! Because when you win little battle after little battle, you ultimately end up winning the “WAR” … and you reach your goal!

So, when you start on The Lifetime Metabolic Weight Loss program, we think you should pat yourself on the back. Thank yourself for doing something GOOD for you! Love what you are doing. Love and appreciate yourself for who you are … and who you are becoming!

It is our clear and obvious observation that our clients who get in that state of awareness and appreciation do the best. The ones who celebrate those things listed above are the ones who enjoy the process and achieve the most significant results.

Look, you didn’t end up where you are overnight. And, you won’t get back to where you want to be overnight. So, enjoy the journey. Stay the course. And LOVE yourself all along the way!

We are always here to help you do that! Click. Call. Or, just come in today!
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