Limiting Mindset #9

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“It TAKES TOO LONG to lose it!”

There is NO DOUBT about the fact that this is a limiting thought for many.

We are NO DOUBT a quick fix society.

Yet, so often we hear that slow, progressive weight loss is always best. This automatically LIMITS many people. They simply opt to not start – especially when a person is already in that “Too much to lose” limiting mindset #6. But, you need to THINK OUT OF THE BOX HERE TOO!

Let us share a fact here: It is really NOT always the case that it’s going to take a LOOOOONNNGGG time to reach your fat loss goals. Those who think out of the box may actually find that there IS a way to safely and effectively lose weight rather quickly.

As we routinely write about, there IS science and more recent understandings of metabolism and natural nutritional supplementation that enables people to safely and effectively lose a significant number of fat pounds in as little as 6 weeks. We’re talking tens if not dozens of pounds in that short time frame! That’s a typical average and you have to admit: that’s exciting!

If our doctor knows that stored FAT is being utilized (by using the technology we have shared before) and assists the process with natural formulas to make the process mentally and physically sensible … then YES it can AND DOES happen! There’s plenty of evidence of that.

is always our goal in the initial phases of The Lifetime Metabolic Program.

Then LONG term and progressive implementation of your GENETIC TESTING report needs to be established to develop “a focused lifestyle change” in order to retain your ideal weight. But, be sure to know: A fast start to that process IS possible – and IS being celebrated by many people these days. So, don’t fall into this LIMITING THOUGHT PROCESS that it always takes too long.

Call, click or stop in sometime soon so you can learn HOW we help people get off to a fast start and IF you may qualify for our program!

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