Limiting Mind Set #1: Toleration

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To tolerate is defined in Webster’s Dictionary this way: to endure or put up with.

“Tolerations” are things we allow to exist at less than the desired level; un-wanted habits and results we allow to persist without properly addressing and/or resolving them.

“Tolerations” are the things we put up with day in and day out that do not enable us to BE the person we desire to be.

“Tolerations” tend to slowly accumulate a little bit at a time … like grease in the kitchen … taking the shine off life.

This mindset is true of many people who struggle with their weight. Maybe you do too?

Many people KNOW they really ought to do something to be healthier, to live at a more ideal weight, etc. They may even decide upon “steps” that need taken to lose weight. In fact, although there are definitely some science based strategies (several covered in our previous blogs) many, many folks know exactly WHAT they should do.

If you fail to make a proper step for one meal or one day – heck even one week (because you’re on vacation let’s say), it’s not too big of a deal. But, when you ALLOW things to steer off course day after day ... week after week … month after month … and ultimately year after year … THEN the results are not what you want AT ALL! These are TOLERATIONS!

Maybe there has been a goal to lose X # of pounds by a certain time? Maybe every year - or maybe even every season this happens? THIS year … THIS spring … THIS summer … You say it and you write it down, but it never quite happens … and you allow that to be the case.

As stated before, in and of themselves … when it happens a time or two here and there MAYBE the effect is not huge. But, it’s the RIPPLE EFFECT that comes into play. The cumulative effect of multiple tolerations … over time that really weighs us down - literally.

And over time, Tolerations lead to FRUSTRATION. This quote summarizes this perfectly …

So, here’s the simple challenge for today: when will you STOP tolerating? When will you draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE? That is the mindset we see our most successful clients click into … and YOU can too! Just DECIDE … and let us help you!

Let’s Tackle Those Tolerations Together Today!

End the frustration of your weight challenge and wellness!

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