Limiting Mind Set #2: “It’s Not Serious Yet.”

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The last blog piece covered Limiting Mindset #1 which was “Tolerations”. Well, sometimes people tolerate as long as they can … as long as they can get by with … until they get a wake-up call.

We have shared this story before, and will continue to do so because it blew us away. At the same time, we realize it is actually a very common way people think. It is a very common LIMITING MINDSET.

 Not long ago, we had a new weight loss client share about how her bloodwork and lab numbers had all been good for years and years despite the fact that she was overweight all along (okay she was actually clinically obese). Then, at her last “wellness check-up” with her primary care medical doctor it was reported that some of her numbers had gotten “out of whack”. As is so often the case, it was her cholesterol and triglycerides which now finally required what she KNEW was coming: prescription medication. Plus, she was now determined to be “borderline Diabetic”.

This lady then made a comment that we found quite interesting. She said …

“I realized that I was no longer a healthy fat person”.

Please, please realize this: there is NO such thing! Obesity IS a health condition. All health care practitioners use a diagnosis coding system known as ICD-10. It stands for the INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASE. A couple years ago the 10th edition was developed. This coding is the system ALL health care practitioners (and insurance companies) use to communicate in the same language about DISEASE and health conditions.

Well, in that coding system: E66.9 is “Obesity”. That is when your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 or above. Even being “Overweight” IS a diagnosable health condition (E66.3) when the BMI is 25.0-29.99. See the chart at the bottom of this blog.

This is what people need to know: IF something shows up in the physicians diagnosis coding system it IS important and serious – even if it does not yet manifest in symptoms or require a medication or procedure.

If your BLOOD LABS or BLOOD PRESSURE numbers are not “out of whack” enough yet to require some medication or procedure, they may be on their way IF you’re overweight or obese. If you have NOT YET been diagnosed with any of the chronic conditions associated with or caused by being overweight (such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and even several kinds of cancer) please be aware:

You may very well be like a ticking time bomb.

We don’t want to sound TOO blunt or TOO alarming here, but many people need someone to tell them! To live for years and years carrying around dozens of excess pounds and believing the matter is NOT YET SERIOUS until the day a particular number rises above a level that now requires medication is A VERY LIMITING AND INACCURATE THOUGHT PROCESS.

 Please begin to “Know your numbers” – specifically those that relate to your weight problem like your Body Mass Index (BMI). Here’s a simple chart used in all health professions.

Has it ever been discussed with you? Each level or classification is associated with varying degrees of health risk and possibly even reduced life expectancy.

This is just ONE measure that can help you get an idea of the TRUE severity of your current condition and to differentiate between just a “weight issue” and a real HEALTH IISSUE … maybe before a more serious diagnosis is made.

Please don’t get caught up in this LIMITED THINKING.

Take it serious NOW before all of that comes.

Click, Call or Come in today. We AWLAYS take your health & wellness seriously!

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