Limiting Mind Set #3:

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“My ____________Loves Me Just the Way I Am”

This is another REALLY sensitive topic to address – especially as straightforward as we need to do it in this short blog format. But it’s one we hear often … and we think it gets dangerous and LIMITING to many people. So, let’s just go there. What people often say is:

“My Hubby …. My Wife … My Honey … My kids … My family … etc. etc. etc.
… Love me just the way I am”.

If this happens to be something you say, please listen up and realize we have the BEST of intentions. We have helped many, many people understand some perspective on this phrase.

First, you know what? You are probably right. They probably DO love you! And THAT is exactly how it should be! Family should love you UN-conditionally. So should your spouse, your kids and your friends. In wedding vows we often say, “For better. For worse. For rich or for poor. In sickness and in health …. With a BMI of 22, 32 or 42….” Well, we don’t typically say that last part, but you get the point.

So, here’s the bottom line on this Limiting Mindset: Once again, you’re right. They DO love you JUST the way you are … BUT maybe they want the BEST for you! Maybe that is exactly the reason WHY it’s time to make some change!

Look … please don’t allow the security of having someone who loves you just the way you are to LIMIT your thinking and ALLOW you to be comfortable enough to NOT change. That change to a healthier weight … a healthier way of living … a healthier you … may be the way you can enjoy that loving relationship or that family member even MORE! For goodness sake you can love them for a LONGER period of time (for MORE years!) if you don’t let this limiting thought get in your way.

At the risk of irritating some folks, we’re just going to say this: In all reality this 3rd limiting thought is often times just an EXCUSE. I know that’s blunt to say, but when people allow themselves to be coached and told the TRUTH (and be honest with themselves) that’s what often comes out. Here’s how we sometimes think about excuses …

This is a tough topic to touch on, but it can be a REAL limiting thought. You don’t have to be perfect! Just live better. Be your BEST for that person or for that family member that loves you no matter what!

Please don’t get caught up in this LIMITED THINKING.
Think OUT of that BOX.
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