Get Back On the Mountain

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In this blog piece, we want to do something a little different – and more interactive with you. You will see what the title “Get Back On The Mountain” is referencing toward the bottom, but first please follow along …

We help a lot of people ... which means we speak with a lot of people about the always interesting and challenging topic of weight control. In order to help us best understand where a person who is considering our program is and where they may want to go with their weight loss goals, it’s always helpful to ask a few key questions.

As you read this today we want you to take a few minutes to answer some of the same questions we may ask clients early on in their journey. Actually, we want you to PRINT THIS OFF. Take a few minutes for YOU. Give this some good thought. Be totally honest with yourself. And FILL IN THE BLANKS. This is ALL about YOU … and you’re worth it!

List the top 3 reasons you are interested in a weight loss or weight management program.

What we have noticed in our centers is that these are typically quick, standard answers such as “to get healthy”, “to have more energy”, “to feel better about myself” etc. By the way those are ALL perfectly fine answers! But, the next question will get a little more personal and touch a bit on lifestyle. It will direct your thoughts to how a weight challenge may actually be affecting the way you LIVE and what you may be missing. Here it is:

Is there ANY activity, hobby, sport, obsession, passion, etc. that you are unable to do - OR wish you could do that you are not able to do because of your current weight challenge? Again, take this seriously, and list those:

Anything you listed there are merely ways your optimal life is being impacted. Obviously, if you’re reading this and answering these questions you’re ALIVE … but are you fully LIVING?

That’s a tough question because it relates to things we want or need to DO. Yet, we find the REAL reason people desire to lose weight is often deeper yet … with even more emotion tied to it. So, now we want you to put all the statements aside and out of your mind that you feel you “should” say and ask yourself this:

What is YOUR real, bottom line “WHY”?

This is where you need to pause, ponder and get personal. Dig deep. Pay attention to your inner voice. Allow yourself to feel that real twinge of emotion. And fill in the blank:

Having trouble with that one? Well, let’s see if some of this may help …

Maybe it's important to you to be a great parent? And your weight keeps you on the sidelines, unable to DO the things you feel are needed … or unable to BE that Mom or Dad you ideally want to be. We also hear things like:

  • I want to get down and wrestle with my kids.
  • I want to be able to chase my kids around.
  • I want to be able to go to spend a day at Disney with my family.
  • I want to be able to fit in and ride a roller coaster.
  • I want to be able to walk in the sand along the beach.
  • I want to be here long term for my kids. I want to see my grandkids.
  • I want to be able to truly enjoy retirement!

Of course, there are many other VERY powerful, meaningful and emotional motivators. Maybe it has to do with your marriage or relationship? Perhaps something with work? Could you perform better, earn more and provide more if your health and weight were better? Could you just enjoy your success from all that hard work more?

One client recently shared that he wants to “Get back up on the mountain”. By this he meant that he was unable to hike up and hunt on a mountain in Virginia that he and his father used to spend time together on. Since his Dad passed away several years ago, he let his own weight creep up. He can go TO the mountain, but has to stay in the cabin and watch all of his buddies walk away to hike up the mountain and spend the day hunting together … while he would sit … and wait for them … alone until they all returned at the end of the day. He cannot physically do the very thing that means so much to him. Deep down he knows he needs to get back to that for his physical, mental and emotional well-being. That is LIVING for him.

These kind of things are the real WHY that will serve YOU as a powerful motivator to stay the course, stick to the plan, be coachable and do the things that successful clients in our program do. It’s typically the lack of such clarity that is the underlying cause of other programs failing you.

Is it time for you to “Get Back Up The Mountain” … whatever that “mountain” is for YOU? If so, let’s see if we can help! Just click, call or come in today! "

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