Fat Fighting Frustration

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You need to know that if you’re feeling frustrated in your attempt (or for many people numerous attempts) to lose fat … YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Exactly how many people struggle with this is hard to clearly identify, but let’s share a few very interesting numbers:

  • In a January 2013 USA Today article it stated: On average about 20% of people said they were on a diet during any given period of time. Well, if there are 319 Million people in America, then 20% of that is like 64 million people … at any given time!
  • A 2012 ABC News 20/20 reported a number even higher stating that 108 Million people were on diets in America.
  • In her book “The Bodywise Woman”, Judy Mahle Lutter claimed 50% of women are on a diet at any given time.

So, while the EXACT number is difficult to track down, one thing is clear: It’s a BUNCH! 10’s and 10’s of millions at any given time.

Of course, that’s probably not real surprising when one looks at the high rates of overweight and obesity in America. We are not going to share those numbers in this blog. We’ve done it before, and you have probably seen those. And, frankly, this piece is not written for all those other people... It’s for YOU!

Being obese or even just a little overweight is NO laughing matter. Frankly, shedding fat is quite tricky. We state this repeatedly in The Lifetime Metabolic culture: If it was easy, everyone would do it. YOU would have already done it. You would not just have TRIED it. You would have succeeded in it. IF it was that easy.

So, we always want to acknowledge THAT first: Fighting fat and losing weight IS frustrating. We get it! In the next short series of blogs we are going to share some SOLUTIONS for some of the common fat fighting frustrations. However, before we start with those, let me ask you this:

  • What will you do with that emotion attached to your frustration?
  • Will you let it defeat you and steer you from even trying again? We all know that’s not the answer!
  • We highly suggest you let that emotion and frustration fuel you and push you …
    • Get in the mindset that enough is enough.
    • Begin to realize and believe that there ARE REAL solutions and you are going to apply them!
    • Keep in mind that someone like Tony Robbins, a recognized authority on human behavior and change, said this …

Similarly, author Bo Bennett put it this way …

Realize any frustration you may have CAN serve you well … IF you let it drive you and not stagnate you or cause you to quit. It is our sincere hope that the sharing of some REAL solutions in these upcoming blogs will help lead YOU to success with fighting fat. Be ready to read and apply them. Take them serious – as if your life depends on your success … because it DOES!

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