DIET: It doesn't have to be a 4-letter word!

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DIET doesn't have to be a "4-letter" word. Let's think of it more in term of "LIFE". Now that's a 4-letter word we can live with. Well over half of Americans have tried to diet at some point in their lives. Goodness knows there are plenty of fad diets and providers that promise meals or pills to make you drop pounds.  But so many of us fail at dieting, why is that? For starters, you need to understand what your body needs because we are all different. Based on sex, age, activity level, and medical needs; every 'body' needs something unique. You can spend a great deal of cash on pre-made meals and still not lose weight or at least not as much as you may need. Maintaining a healthy weight is invaluable to maintaining good health. Heart disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, sexual abilities, and so many more issues are all exacerbated by excessive weight.

So how do you find the right balance? First and foremost, education is the best place to start. You need a plan that focuses on your body's specific needs. Once you understand your body's makeup, you can begin to learn the best foods to provide you with the greatest nutrients and health benefits. After you understand your needs and best foods, you have to make an effort to implement what you've learned into your daily life. Whether in the grocery, a restaurant, a cookout, or your own pantry; selecting the best foods for you is the path to better living and healthy weight management. 

So let's explore that grocery, restaurant, cookout, and your pantry...

GROCERY: Yep, you might have to read a few labels. Don't let this scare you, it's really quite easy. Fat, fiber, sugar, carbohydrates, calories, sodium; all these are easy to manage once you know what's good and what's bad for your body. It's important to understand labels because the trickery used in packaging can really be deceiving. Buy fresh foods as often as possible. Buy packaged meats in quantities for one meal only to reduce the risk of that thought we all have ... "Well there's just one burger left over, no sense of wasting, I'll just eat it." Most butchers will package the meat in a quantity you desire, don't be afraid to ask. If you have a family of 3, don't buy 4 steaks. And we've all heard this before - don't go to be grocery hungry. Now go have fun at the grocery and pick desirable foods that suit your body's needs.    RESTAURANT: Do you get the salad because you think it's the least damaging but yet you don't enjoy your outing because of your "restrictions"? No more! When you understand what your body should or shouldn't have, you can find menu meals you'll enjoy. And hey, once in a while we want to splurge. That's ok too provided you remember it's a treat, a splurge, and don't make it a habit. One good tip for restaurants: ask for a to-go container as soon as you order and immediately put half your food away to carry home. You'll have that notion of not wasting the meal you bought, you'll get two desirable meals out of one, and you'll create a comfortable habit that will help you enjoy your dining out experiences. 

COOKOUTS: Sometimes it feels like nothing at a cookout is healthy for you, after all it's supposed to be fun. Well make 'your' food fun!!! Always bring something to a cookout that suits YOU! By bringing something you enjoy and is good for you, you'll be sure you can enjoy the festivities and not go hungry nor feel guilty when you get home because you ate the wrong things. And again, remember if you splurge, be smart and don't go overboard. 

YOUR PANTRY: Initially, when you find a healthy plan for you, it might be necessary to purge and clean out your pantry. Clear out the things that are too tempting and don't fit your body's needs. Consider donating these items to your local food pantry, church, or local families in need.

One of the most important aspects of any healthy eating plan is dedication, followed by education. Your body is a whole machine running off different parts; know how it works and what it needs. Care for your machine properly so it runs well for years to come. No matter the make and model of your machine, you can certainly enjoy food while making it healthier for your individual needs. 

We are honored to be able to help you better understand your body's needs and put together a plan that will revitalize your health and teach you great new habits. We provide DNA testing to specifically understand your unique body. From there we teach you the best and worst foods for you. We help you determine how much and what type of physical activity will help you succeed. And all the time, we are here to support, encourage, coach, and answer questions. Here's to your health!

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