Comfort Is Not (always) Your Friend!

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If you are in Program or follow along with us at all, you surely know that we LOVE to celebrate the victories that our clients experience. Every pound that is dropped matters. It’s always fun when they get an updated computerized body composition analysis that shows positive change and solid momentum. Of course, when they hit their goal weight we absolutely celebrate!

At the same time we also work to continually raise awareness of the difference between celebration and “comfort”. After all, we ALL want to be comfortable … right?

Well, as a person pursues weight loss, a sense of “comfort” can be one of most dangerous and distracting things. We are not talking about physical comfort. Of course, the more of that we have the better. What we are talking about here is the aspect of mental or psychological comfort. Let us explain what we are referencing here.

This is something that often happens when people achieve an initial and significant weight drop. For many that is as little as 15 or 20 pounds. Very commonly it is a loss of 30-50 pounds. Obviously, it depends on a person’s starting weight, but what happens (if not warned and held accountable) is they begin to think and sometimes even say things like:

  • At least my weight (or obesity) is not as bad as it used to be.
  • I feel a little better.
  • I look a little better.
  • My clothes fit a little better.
  • I’m not the biggest one in my friend group anymore (yes, comparing to others does happen).
  • I’m on a little less medication.
  • I’m just a bit more … comfy.

Yay! These are all good things. Right? Our observation is that all of these are both GOOD … and BAD. On one hand, all of these statements are positive progress! And, as we already said, we DO want to celebrate these. Yet, on the other hand, these can be “bad” … or a better word is probably RISKY. When it comes to a weight loss client reaching this point, we like to say …

“Comfort is NOT your friend!”

Check a few phrases that show how a quick web search defines “comfort” …

  • A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
  • The easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

When it comes to weight loss the word “grief” may not come into play in the literal sense (although in some cases it really has gotten to that). However, the state of being overweight or obese certainly involves a lack of freedom, a lot of constraint and even various types of DISTRESS in most cases. People we meet who are considering our program are typically distressed about things such as …

  • The way they feel about their self.
  • A medical diagnosis.
  • The inability to do things with those they love.
  • Their energy – being unable to make it through the day.
  • Their mobility – being unable to do or enjoy things they need to or want to do.
  • A relationship being affected by all of the things above.
  • And the list goes on and on!

These things understandably cause DISTRESS. They are UPSETTING. These are what we always call the WHY... the very reasons that people end up in our center. These emotions are important, so we actually want a client to stay tuned in and in touch with these feelings. In other words …

Do NOT get too comfy too soon!

We often refer to weight loss as a JOURNEY. But, it’s kind of like a CLIMB, too. Imagine you setting out on a climb up a hill or mountain in order to be able to enjoy the beauty and view from the peak. You make it a little way up the mountain and reach a nice COMFY little spot. It’s not the top. It’s not where you really set out to climb to. But, it’s comfortable. The view is a little better. And besides, at least you’re not back down at the bottom.

Well, here’s what we’d encourage at this point of the climb: Do not get satisfied to get to a level that is just kind of cool … and has kind of a better view … when your intention was to get to the PEAK where it is super cool!

Similarly, with weight loss, do not allow yourself to feel too COMFY at a particular point just because it’s not AS frustrating or AS painful as things were before. Just like the mountain’s PEAK is infinitely more awesome … so is YOUR goal weight! And, even once you get there, do not get too COMFY!

One simple quote that summarizes this whole thought process very well is credited to the late, great PT Barnum. He said …

In closing, whether you are just a follower of the program, OR considering it for yourself, OR recently started, OR are on a successful roll, OR feeling stuck, OR disengaged and need re-anchored what we suggest here today is this:

  • Stay uncomfortable.
  • Stay the course.
  • Keep climbing
  • Push Yourself.
  • DO feel comfortable connecting with us … and asking for help! It’s what we do. It’s OUR WHY …

To keep you uncomfortably successful, healthy & happy.
Click. Call. Or come in today!

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