Are You Still Relying Only On What Your Good Ol’ Bathroom Scale Says?

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WHY we use the technology we do!

Clinics like ours who make the science-based Activate Metabolics Weight Loss Program available to you use various types of technology for a very simple reason: to be as informed as possible in order to lead, guide and coach their clients the BEST way possible!

One of the first things we do when a person is interested in our program and visits our center is what is called a computerized Body Composition Analysis or “BCA”. This technology has been around for quite some time but is continually developing and advancing. Like so many preliminary tests used in healthcare, this tool simply takes the guess work out of what we do. In less than a minute, we can gather an enormous amount of information about a person and the make-up of their body. Sure, we can get your weight, but you can do that just about anywhere – including your bathroom!

But, let’s admit it … There is so much more to you than just that “number on a scale”

That weight number alone does NOT tell your whole story. In fact, it lacks so much detail that it often creates confusion and frustration to the degree that people just quit! They quit weighing. They quit trying to lose weight. They quit exercising. They just quit trying altogether! All because that little scale in the bathroom (or even at the doctor’s office) just doesn’t make sense!

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever quit for reasons like this? Well, you’re not alone. Many (actually most!) of our clients have gotten more fully informed, empowered and better able to understand their body by using technology. We believe you may be able to do the same!

Below are 5 quick, easy and very important bits of information we can get when we first meet with you to determine if you qualify for our program, how we can best help you and what your program fee would be:

 1. Get an INITIAL BREAKDOWN of exactly what makes up those pounds you are weighing on your home scale. The BCA technology allows us to determine actual pounds of bone, muscle, water and yes, FAT!

 2. This allows us to set realistic and healthy GOALS based on YOUR body make-up – specifically the number of fat pounds you may have. Look, if you are the same height as another person of the same gender who has 20 pounds less muscle you probably should not be aiming for the same goal weight! Details like this make us believe that the ol’ height-weight charts are very antiquated in many cases. Here’s what we think you should do …

Compare yourself to yourself … NOT to any wall-chart ... and especially NOT to other people!
When you do this, you focus on becoming a better and healthier version of Y-O-U! And that’s what it is all about!

 3. Get a read of your VISCERAL FAT RATING. This kind of fat is progressively getting more and more attention – as it should. It is surely the most dangerous and damaging fat. It is different than that “pinch an inch” fat that you may have around your belly or on your “love handles”. Visceral fat is the fat that forms deep inside around your vital organs. Yikes! You can’t necessarily see it or feel it, but it is now known to contribute to a number of serious and chronic health conditions – including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even certain kinds of cancer.

 4. Evaluate your Body’s WATER % and pounds to evaluate how well you are hydrating – very important in weight loss, metabolism and health overall. Remember: it’s not ALL about fat! Muscle and water weight should also be kept in check, too. Normal values of each allow you to maximize your metabolism and healthy weight management.

 5. TRACK progress at any stage of your weight loss and health journey. Tracking, evaluating and advising is critical whether we are closely observing changes during the initial intensive phases of a weight loss program or later as a client begins more fitness and may be gaining muscle mass. Measuring changes for the better in regard to both the fat and muscle pounds helps us (and YOU!) see that your body is, in fact, moving toward health – despite the fact that the ol’ home bathroom scale which shows total pounds only may not make sense!

Our BCA scans tell us even more than these things, but this is a short list and understanding of WHY we do what we do – and WHY you, too, should consider getting more information about yourself. Don’t let the limited information on your ol’ bathroom scale mis-lead or frustrate you! To see is to know! Don’t guess about you, your body or your weight loss approach!

Click, Call or just come in today to arrange a time for a consultation with the doctor and get your BCA!

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