Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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A father was beginning to groom his young son to be a hunter. As could be expected, the boy was a bit apprehensive to make those hikes through the dark woods in the early morning hours. If you hunt, camp or maybe work in the early morning hours, you know that time of day can be quite eerie at times. Well, the father could tell how his son was feeling, and one day he asked him, “Son, are you afraid of the dark?”

The boy’s response was full of wisdom. He said, “No, Daddy. It’s not the dark I’m afraid of. It’s what MIGHT be in it!”

The anxiety, fear & overwhelm associated with weight loss is often much the same.Many people assume or buy into the belief that it MIGHT be too tough for them. They fear they MIGHT fail. The POSSIBILITY that they MIGHT not be fully equipped to properly make the journey- and the feeling that they MAY feel all alone as they make it is daunting at times. All of this combined with not being sure of what MIGHT come up makes many people feel “in the dark”.

Fear and overwhelm become the dominant thoughts … and stop many people from even trying a proven science-based weight loss program. This drives us to do what we do!

When you’re in the dark, what do you want or need? You need LIGHT! Don’t you? When we have light, we SEE that there isn’t REALLY anything in the dark to harm us. We really had nothing to be afraid of after all, did we?

I recently used this simple metaphor to explain to a new client why the Lifetime Metabolic Program is so valuable to so many people desiring to lose weight. Simply put: The Lifetime Metabolic Program is a revolutionary weight loss system that “TURNS THE LIGHTS ON” for you.

The Lifetime Metabolic Program helps eliminate the fear, anxiety and overwhelm so many people have who are struggling with their weight. It flips the lights on, and provides a complete program - including Computerized Body Composition Analyses, DNA Testing, education and unmatched personal support. These things have been “the light” that has helped hundreds and hundreds of people effectively lose weight and most importantly get CONTROL of their weight and their life.

There is a very simple way to turn the lights on for YOU, too! Reach out and request a “Qualification Visit” during which you will have some testing done and speak one-on-one to a doctor. See if you qualify for this program. No pressure. No obligation. Just an opportunity to have some light shed on YOUR fear, anxiety and overwhelm.

Turn the lights on! And SEE what’s possible!
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