7 Simple Reasons WHY Our Weight Loss Program Is Perfect for SO Many!

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  1. We incorporate the Activate Metabolics program which is science-based featuring proprietary DNA Testing to provide individualized plans for our participants. We also use computerized Body Composition Analysis for objective measures and effective tracking of your body’s changes.

  2. Only licensed professionals such as MD’s, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, etc. qualify to offer the Activate Metabolics program in their practices. Doctor oversight and clinical supervision sets our program apart from almost all you will see out there – especially most you may pull off the internet!

  3. Our program is designed to provide participants a long term, sustainable solution they can use for a focused lifestyle change – not another short-term, quick-fix plan. That’s not how healthy and lasting weight loss works. (But you probably already know that!).

  4. Our all-natural supplements are manufactured in a FDA registered facility and certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Yet, the products are designed to be used primarily in your initial phase. They are key to helping our participants get their fat metabolism started, but they are not intended to be used log-term. We prefer our participants understand how to eat for their body – not be dependent on some “special product” they need to buy for the rest of their lives!

  5. For the same reasons, our program is based on eating real food! No shakes. No bars. No boxed food. Again, if a participant is required to eat OUR food, they will never learn how to eat in the REAL world! Plus, most of those fake foods taste horrible … and a lot of it is full of junk! Just sayin!

  6. Ongoing support is provided by our weight loss team, as well as the Activate Metabolics leadership team. The combination of their extensive experience gained through helping thousands of participants in dozens of clinics coupled with our in-office personalized care makes for amazing support and accountability! We use daily texting and regular visits including body composition measures to move you through our exclusive 4 Phase system of weight loss and healthy weight management.

  7. Results. The Activate Metabolics program has created life-changing results for hundreds of participants in dozens of clinics. It is safe, proven effective and professionally administered. So, it is a program you can feel safe with – and be optimistic about!

We could go on, but that’s enough for now. Want to learn more? Find out if our program may be a good fit for you. Click, call or just come in!

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