5 Tips for Turkey Day

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Many studies point out that roughly 75% of annual weight gain takes place during the holiday season. The problem is that these pounds are hard to lose - and over the course of time they add up. After 10 years this can end up being 20 or more pounds. This is what we refer to as "creeping" weight gain. Don’t let this happen to you this holiday season! Start it off right this Thanksgiving. Here are 5 Simple Tips for Turkey Day!

1. Map your course! Go in with a plan. Seriously. Pre-determine that you are not going to go crazy then end up being frustrated and bloated for the rest of the day, weekend or season. How will you approach the day? What needs to happen for you to enjoy it, but also feel good physically and emotionally about how you ate? If you have a target you will be way more likely to at least get close. Having no plan at all will often result in complete chaos. You’ve probably heard it said that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

2. Do it together! Get an accountability partner. Is there someone else who will be at the gathering who is also trying to be sensible about the day - or even currently trying to lose weight? Maybe your spouse can help you, or a favorite relative. Connect with them beforehand. Sit by each other at dinner. Check each other as the day goes and subtly encourage one another. Don't make a big deal of it. Just know inside that you and that person are going to walk away from the feast feeling good about how you did.

3. Head off the Hunger! Eat a little bit before you even go. A sensible and light snack or salad before you head out will prevent you from rolling into the gathering and immediately grabbing a handful of junk to shove in. If you don't arrive completely famished, you will be more likely to make selections in line with your plan once you arrive.

4. Prioritize your Agua! Drink water before you head to that big meal. Start in the morning. Dehydration tends to increase your appetite. Aim to drink what may seem like an excess amount of water on the big day. Divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces. (Example: if you weigh 180lbs, drink 90 oz.). Even if you are drinking something else during dinner, plan to have water with your meal, too. Sip it as you eat. Of course, this helps fill you up, but it will also keep you hydrated when consuming the typical holiday foods that are often more sugary and starchy. Such foods tend to dehydrate you.

5. Be Strategic! Bring some of your own food. Maybe an extra side dish or two that you know you will focus on eating. Bring healthy food to be nibbling on as everyone does the standard pre-dinner grazing as they gather and visit. Pick the lesser of evils. Fill up on tasty nutrient filled dishes during your meal. This will cause you to eat less junk afterward. Search out and prepare a dessert that is sugar free and tasty.

Need more holiday help?

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Tune into our next post for 5 MORE Tips for Turkey day!

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

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