5 MORE … Tips For Turkey Day!

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Thanks for checking back after our last post to learn 5 MORE Tips for Turkey day! As we said in our last post this time of year can really challenge people’s weight – and it’s often more difficult to take it back off after the holidays than it is to add it - if you’ve not noticed that! The good news is you CAN ward the weight off, enjoy the holidays and finish the year strong. We believe little tips can make a BIG difference! So, here are 5 MORE Tips …

6. Start Smart. When the meal is served, start with a light and healthy first round. There are a lot of studies showing that people eat less overall when they begin their meal with a green salad. Regarding the first thing typically eaten: ditch the dinner rolls! Then try to fill your plate in a way that you can actually see the plate between the various foods. Your plate does not have to resemble a mountain.

7. Eat consciously! Take your time. It's not a race! You’ve heard it before, but really focus on chewing each bite more times than normal on this day. Take smaller bites. There's no need to shovel it in. Focus on enjoying conversation with those you are with rather than diving headfirst into your plate of food. In reality, your body needs time to become aware that you are full. Taking your time allows this to happen.

8. Choose just one! It's understandable if you just can't make it without that slice of pumpkin pie (or whatever holiday dessert you love). After all, it’s a holiday! So, give yourself a bit of a break. Yet, rather than having a full slab of every dessert that 6 or 8 different people chose to bring, make a selection. Take a small, sensible size of ONE dessert. Enjoy that desert with others. Savor it. Feel good about your decision and control. Then move on!

9. Burn at least SOME calories! Of course, it is tradition to pig out then fall onto the couch in a semi-comatose state to lounge around after a big meal. You can still do that … some! But, make it a part of your plan to also get out and move some. Be intentional. Bump up your metabolism a bit. Set the time you will do this and ask who wants to join you. Maybe that accountability partner will? Maybe nobody will. If that’s the case, quietly slide out and get your movement in. You will be very happy you did!

10. Remember the WHY! Bear in mind what the day is really about. It’s called “Thanksgiving” not “Tons-a-Eating”. So, give thanks. Count your blessings. We guarantee you have plenty! Spend time and energy emphasizing those things. When you do this, the focus on food will fade.

Bonus Tip: If you’re challenged with a weight issue, consider contacting our office for a free one-on-one consultation. It’s our full focus to coach our clients and use science, strategy and personalized support to enable them to reach and maintain their healthy weight loss goals. What if you could still lose 15, 20 or more pounds for the New Year? It’s possible in our program! Feel good through the holidays! Message us or call today and we’ll meet right after Thanksgiving!

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