3 T’s to Help Trim Fat

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A Quick Overview of the Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss Program.

We are routinely asked to share the “quick version” of what our program is all about. Of course, people ask that because it seems we’re ALL in a hurry ALL the time these days. The truth of the matter is it’s often difficult to share a quick version for the mere fact that metabolism, weight challenges, obesity, and weight loss can all be SO complicated. Maybe you have noticed this yourself?

Even though this is the case, we still get prodded for that quick answer. So, we want to attempt to provide exactly that in this brief blog piece. There are many unique features of Activate program, but we often summarize it by sharing what we call “The 3 T’s”. Here they are:


Team Work

Let’s admit it: it’s difficult to lose weight on your own! Like any successful team or organization, if you are going to succeed long term it’s critical that you have agreement, clear direction, education, accountability, and ongoing communication about the issue at hand. In this case, it’s your weight … and your health! Whether it’s on a TV show, right here in our community or in YOUR life, the biggest losers of weight are typically those who have someone in their corner. That person or team is knowledgeable and serious about results. They support you, push you, stand beside you and guide you through the entire process. As the popular saying goes: Teamwork really does make the dream work!



Many jobs need special tools to be done properly. Changing your metabolism and losing fat is no different. Tools can come in many different forms. In our weight loss program, there are all-natural formulas proven to shift metabolism and off-set the challenges associated with weight loss. You say you want to lose weight, but do you really have a tool in place in the form of a guidebook, a map or a plan? Is it based on science and an understanding of metabolism … more specifically how to “jump-start” your metabolism? Is it simplified and in writing so you can follow through and track each day? Or are you just kind of winging it in a non-specific way, trying your own version of some plan you heard or read about? Those who succeed and sustain their weight loss use tools like a road map to make their journey.



It’s the information age! Are you aware of (and using) technology associated with weight loss? For example, a clinical study done at Stanford University using DNA testing showed that people on a meal plan specific to their genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight and they were much more successful in keeping the weight off compared to those not on an individualized plan. A computerized body composition analysis provides doctors with specific details of your make up in order to help you lose weight safely and effectively. It’s a techy world out there these days. Use that to your advantage. We certainly do!

That’s about as much of a “quickie version” as it gets when it comes to a program like ours. There are many critical pieces of the puzzle. And again, many weight loss cases are quite complicated. Yours may be one. That’s why we always invite you to click or call for more information … and let these 3T’s work for you!

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