14 REAL & Relevant Reasons

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YOU May Be Sparked Into Action.

Warning: This may be a little uncomfortable for some to read because the points may feel a bit (correction) very personal. They may really strike home. We apologize in advance … sort of … Okay, not really.

We don’t apologize because we are on a mission and want people to pay attention to their inner voice. This brief blog points out THE very reasons we hear on a daily basis that our clients finally “flip the switch” and DECIDE to make change.

We routinely speak and write about the importance of a person getting in good touch with their “WHY” when it comes to embarking on a weight loss journey. And, we often point out things like:

  • Addressing a serious medical diagnosis
  • Being able to do the enjoyable and adventurous things in life
  • Remaining healthy for your family
  • Being able to perform your job effectively
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

All those are legit and important reasons WHY, but tune into this next set of things and see if you may be sensing some of these more deep, personal and annoying factors …

  1. Toe nails: you bend over to trim them and you get out of breath. Not okay.
  2. Stairs: you climb even a flight or two and you are out of breath. Bad sign.
  3. Clothes from last winter: you’re putting them on now and they do NOT fit like they did before. Uncomfortable. Expensive.
  4. Relationship issues: there’s some strain and your weight challenge may play a part in that issue for one reason or another. Sad, but happens more often than we’d care to think.
  5. Job interviews: you have them coming up and want to present with a look that is professional, able to be productive, etc.
  6. Discriminated against: you feel you may be getting overlooked for things like a promotion, a relationship, etc. Again, very sad and not fair, but unfortunately a real deal.
  7. Eat before bed: you feel that need even though you know it is not ideal. We can teach strategic eating to help this!
  8. Sleep eating: you wake up and can tell “someone” was rummaging through the kitchen last night … and then realize it was you! Uh-oh. This calls for some solution!
  9. Closet eating: food is hidden so can be eaten secretly - away from those who love and care for you. I
  10. Fast food bags in car: you have to purge your car and hide evidence of unhealthy eating when a friend is getting in your car. Not cool.
  11. Family pictures: they are coming up and you’re stressing; trying to decide what to wear, who to stand behind, etc. in order to hide weight. Way to common. Pictures are for fond memories – not anxiety and embarrassment.
  12. Upcoming event: a family function; a work conference; a class reunion; you name it… but it’s on the calendar and coming quick and causing you anxiety
  13. Lost your confidence: your self-esteem is taking a hit; over time it has dwindled because you are self-conscious about your weight and looks. As much as we re-enforce that looks are only skin deep, people still struggle with this.
  14. Returning to the dating world: You’ve been out of it a while and now find yourself back in it. The reality that you are bigger than the last time may certainly affect this experience.

Ouch! We realize some of those hurt deeply and several of them are downright unfair. Yet, they DO cause pain … pain which can often times be eliminated by a sensible, proven and scientific approach to healthy weight control. That’s what WE do!

People are motivated in different ways. Some are spurred to act by PURSUING THE PLEASURE of achieving things like better fitness, improved medical reports, less meds, the ability to do more fun things, etc. While others are finally motivated when a discomfort hits a threshold … and it’s time they address or AVOID PAIN (like those pain points listed above). There is no right or wrong reason. But whatever YOUR reason may be, we are here to help.

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